Zombie Cafe

Zombie CafeZombie Cafe is a technique the board game in which you assume responsibility for a cafe where every one of the laborers are zombies or other alarming animals straight out of the blood and gore flicks.

With the exception of this little detail, the ongoing interaction is fundamentally the same as the great social games on Facebook and other portable stages. You should assign occupations to your laborers, being mindful so as not to over fumes them (or they will attempt to benefit from your clients), while making cash to put resources into improving your cafe.

As you start profiting you can improve your cafe by browsing over a hundred unique things to purchase and finish the structure. Also, you can plunder your companion’s cafes to pick up cash, mastery and other significant assets.

Zombie Cafe is a genuinely engaging social administration game, however, it doesn’t bring anything especially new to the class. So, it has some decent designs, engaging interactivity and the possibility to keep you stuck to your cell phone for quite a long time at once.


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Zombie Cafe – Latest Version

Package Name Zombie Cafe
Operating System Android
File Size27.75MB
Language English

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