Fightback is a modern-day beat’em up developed by Ninja Theory (Enslaved, DmC: Devil May Cry). Following the storyline of Double Dragon and similar titles, Fightback puts the player in the shoes of a tough guy who has to rescue his sister after she was kidnapped by a gang of thugs.

The game is very straight forward: players go through 2D stages and fight different groups of thugs as they appear on the screen. Tapping rapidly on the screen will make the player throw punches while sliding a finger on the screen will make the player kick in different directions.

If they’re not squaring off with thugs on one of the levels, players can go power up their character’s abilities. With the money received from each mission, our hero can purchase bulletproof vests, different types of firearms, tattoos and much more. In addition, the player can choose where to go at any time since missions can be selected in any order.

In terms of graphics, Fightback is a visually stunning game, with thoughtfully-designed characters and detailed worlds, creating gaming perfection.

Fightback is an incredibly entertaining 2D beat’em up that gives you the best experience the world of free Android games has to offer.

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